How ‘Advertising Slaves’ Made Serbia’s First Sci-Fi Hit

Director Lazar Bodroza recalls the leap of faith he took to make ‘Ederlezi Rising’, Serbia’s first-ever sci-fi film – and an unexpected hit with fans of the genre. Continue reading How ‘Advertising Slaves’ Made Serbia’s First Sci-Fi Hit


Ederlezi Rising (2018) Review

A Serbian low-budget sci-fi film  featuring a renowned adult entertainer in the role of an android designed to help (and pleasure) her astronaut/operator on the trip to Alpha Centauri, sounds like something that could, at best, aspire to be a cult-classic taken apart by trash-movie enthusiasts like Mystery Science Theatre 3000, or, at worst, languish in the depths of IMDB’s Bottom 100, only occasionally drawing … Continue reading Ederlezi Rising (2018) Review