South America: The Other World

Last January I travelled to South America with my family.

Although Argentina and Brazil were always high on the list of my countries to visit, there was never enough time (or money) to do them justice. I imagined them as simply more exotic versions of Southern Europe: Spain, Portugal and Italy with parrots and jungles.

What I found blew my mind. A continent that developed its cultures completely independently from outside influence for millennia, only to be flooded with adventurers in a few short centuries. Its peculiar history gives it a vibe of endless possibility and discovery, very different from neuroticism and ennui that now hang over Europe.

Although I doubt that I even scratched its surface as tourist on a four week tour of Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Uruguay, it presented a whole new world to me. I hope eventually I will return. But in the meanwhile, I have the photos, some of which I displayed in Belgrade’s Meduza last month.


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