Swisstacular walk between Schönried and Rougemont

Today I went on probably the most beautiful hike of my life, between two villages in Switzerland‘s famously glitzy area around Gstaad .

The walk encapsulated almost all that is great about the country: fantastic scenery dominated by Le Rubli, multiculturalism (Schönried is German-speaking, while Rougemont is French-speaking), and strong sense of local pride and history. There was also a touch of Gstaad over the top wealth, as the walk took me past a small airstrip where I watched a private jet take off.

The whole tour took me about 6 hours, and I was exhausted at the end.

If you find yourself in the area, I would definitely recommend doing it. In terms of other highlights, a walk around the Launensee is also worth it and so is Doug Aitken’s installation Mirage in Schönried. In terms of the traditional luxe, there is no beating champagne and truffle fondue at Kernen.

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