Yugohotel: Omorika, Tara

Built in 1978. based on the design of Miroslav Krstonošić, a Ljubljana-educated architect from Novi Sad, Omorika is named after an autochthonous spruce which grows on the slopes of Tara. Its tent-shaped design was awarded Borba prize for architecture, and its interior still looks very much in vein of other Yugohotels.

Thanks to the fact that it still owned by the Serbian Military (although accessible to civilians) this hotel is still in good shape, with operational sauna and pool.

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3 thoughts on “Yugohotel: Omorika, Tara

      1. Let me know if you come across anything in that regard on your travels in RL or on the net. I have half a plan to do a bike tour around there and take in Visegrad, Gorazde, Foca, Trebinje and Dubrovnik….

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