Pokretači #82 Dušan Sekulić Sejkul o vizionarskom dizajnu i arhitekturi / Ljubljana

Dušan Sekulić – Sejkul je prošle godine dobio Slovensku Nagradu za Oblikovanje (tj. dizajn) u kategoriji “Perspektivni” za projekat Ljubljanskog Transport Hub-a koji bi doveo laku avijaciju u srce Ljubljane. Njegovi vizionarski projekti uključuju vrlo i elegantan vizir (kao stvoren za trenutnu situaciju), kao i prilično kontroverzni projekat stana u bilbordu. Pored ovakvih konceptualnih ideja, Dušan se bavi i dizajnom svetlosti, scenografijom kao i standardnim arhitektonskim radom.


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As many of you already know in April this year I have earned my M.I.A - Magister Inženir Arhitekture - Master Engineer of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana. Finally I have managed some time in this summer heat to share it with you. In the following weeks or so Im also looking forward to sharing some of my earliest and latest works throughout faculty and outside of it. Thesis is Design of Ljubljana Transport Hub with an Airport for Light Aircrafts and Drones with menthorship of doc. Primož Jeza and is available via link in the bio. Comments and discussion is always welcome. Abstract Due to technological advancement in the field of electrical energy in previous years, whole traffic industry is on the verge of having an interesting makeover. In the aviation sector small entrepreneurs and big corporations are focusing into development of a new aircraft type as we call it now - drones. Drones had an industry breakthrough in the form of toys, video production equipment and lately also delivery service. With ever improving ratio between power capacity and weight of lithium ion batteries, the concept of passenger drones finally becomes technically feasible. Because of the term drones, meaning an array of different things, I will be using an aviatic term of VTOL aircraft meaning all aircrafts which use the principle of Vertical Takeoff and Landing. VTOL is a new technological principle in aviation offering new concepts of flight in passenger aviation and therefor new types of airports, which are the theme of this master thesis. Ljubljana Transportation Hub intertwines railway system, bus transport and urban airport. In the thesis I focus on technical correctness of the airport which combines STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) airplanes and VTOL aircrafts. Due to infrastructural complexity of the hub, the whole surrounding area is in need of reinvention with new programme and optimisation of traffic. #Architecture #Drones #Urban #Airport #Ljubljana #Thesis #MasterThesis #Project #ArchitectureStudent #YTAAward #Hub #Transportation #Visionary #Future #STOL #VTOL #Aircraft #Volocopter #Lilium #Pipistrel #blender #render #design

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Jumbo posters and 5G antennas pay my rent! Triangular design of the classic 6,67x5m jumbo poster offers a living space of 21m2 on the first floor and additional 17m2 on the second connected via enchanting spiral staircase. First floor offers basic toiletry space including a shower, sink and rainwater toilet release. There is also a well equipped kitchen, hot/cold water, heating, incredible 5G connections and don’t you worry about your waste water, as it has its own path of running down the main pillar directly into the soil, feeding the fellow greenery around your living space. First candidates are invited to send their personal description, CV, motivation letter, portfolio, living profile, previous landlord confirmation and birth certificate via DM.

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Ako vas interesuju teme iz arhitekture i dizajna poslušajte epizode sa AKVS, Studiom AUTORI, Oblikusom, Niti, MODom kao i Galerijom 1250.

Ako vas interesuju priče iz Crne Gore poslušajte moj razgovor sa ekipom iz Kukice, a ako vas interesuje šta mogu da rade filozofi, možete da slušate i priču o Cogito Coffee-u iz Zagreba.

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