“Doček”: a Triumph, Serbian-style

An elderly man and a pre-teen girl are standing on a branch. A few meters from them, a well dressed man in his late seventies is trying to climb a 6 foot tall wall and refusing help from a young guy watching him struggle in disbelief. In the back a group of people with disabilities are waving flags, while thousands of children perched on their … Continue reading “Doček”: a Triumph, Serbian-style

Hidden Belgrade (67): Swimming palaces of Belgrade

Maybe it is the shimmer of the water, maybe it is the people around them, or perhaps it is chlorine or sunstroke, but swimming pools, and especially public pools, have a magical, surreal touch to them. It is no wonder they inspired a lot of great art from Hockney’s Bigger splash, to Cheever’s excellent (yet dark) tale of a man who decided to swim his … Continue reading Hidden Belgrade (67): Swimming palaces of Belgrade

Pokretači #50 Miloš Erić – Sportifico / Beograd

Sportifico je društvena mreža koja okuplja preko 8 hiljada fudbalera i trenera uglavnom sa prostora bivše Jugoslavije. Pohvaljena od strane Entrepreneur magazina kao jedna od 6 najboljih društvenih mreža koje suže posebnim nišama, ona je sjajan spoj Miloševe pasije prema fudbalu kao i njegovog znanja o digitalnom preduzetništvu. Beleške https://www.instagram.com/p/BvefiVhghgH/ Sportifico ( Apple Store link, Google Play link ) Snimak Media Jam radionice u Impact Hubu (gde … Continue reading Pokretači #50 Miloš Erić – Sportifico / Beograd

How to Bust Post-Holiday Blues in Belgrade

Although I love Summer (and especially late Summer) in Belgrade, coming back from holidays is always a shock, especially if you have to immediately go to the office. All the golden, calm feeling of chilling at the beach, hiking or just doing something  different can quickly disappear, to be replaced by the seeping anxiety of returning to the glum daily grind and all the problems you … Continue reading How to Bust Post-Holiday Blues in Belgrade