How to Bust Post-Holiday Blues in Belgrade

Although I love Summer (and especially late Summer) in Belgrade, coming back from holidays is always a shock, especially if you have to immediately go to the office. All the golden, calm feeling of chilling at the beach, hiking or just doing something  different can quickly disappear, to be replaced by the seeping anxiety of returning to the glum daily grind and all the problems you almost forgot about. 

In case you are lucky to have a few days off before re-entering the machine, here is what I think is a perfect late Summer’s day in Belgrade. The sports will get your blood pumping and also remove the guilt from indulging in some of Belgrade’s best foods. Of course, it is essential to enjoy all of this in good company, but I’ll leave that to you. 

7.00 Cycle to and around Ada from SC Gale Muskatirovic (25. Maj)

9.00 Gorge on avocado and poached egg toast, ustipci and cappuccino at Filter

10.00 Cycle back

11.00 Swim and chill at Tasmajdan public pool (SC Gale Muskatirovic could also work, but Tas has better shade and smaller crowds)

14.00 Power up with cevapi or gurmanska at Cevap kod Dekija

Siesta (obligatory)

17.00 Run or stroll from MSUB to Hotel Jugoslavija

18.00 Paddle-board at sundown from Daska i Veslo

21.00 Enjoy anything and everything at FishZelenis; it’s all really amazing and light

23.00 If you still have some space, treat yourself to an ice cream at Crna Ovca or a cocktail at Mama shelter’s terrace


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