‘Nemanjici’: the Show that United Serbia

A recent survey by IPSOS showed that Serbia is the world’s most divided society among 27 countries around the world that were included in the study. Some 93 per cent of Serbians agree that Serbia is fairly or very divided, compared to “only” 84 per cent of Americans or 75 per cent of the French. Given the country’s relative ethnic homogeneity and lack of immigration, … Continue reading ‘Nemanjici’: the Show that United Serbia

Ederlezi Rising (2018) Review

A Serbian low-budget sci-fi film  featuring a renowned adult entertainer in the role of an android designed to help (and pleasure) her astronaut/operator on the trip to Alpha Centauri, sounds like something that could, at best, aspire to be a cult-classic taken apart by trash-movie enthusiasts like Mystery Science Theatre 3000, or, at worst, languish in the depths of IMDB’s Bottom 100, only occasionally drawing … Continue reading Ederlezi Rising (2018) Review

Serbian New Year: the perfect time to start appreciating Turbofolk

The extended holiday season in Serbia finally ends with a bang and a hangover on Serbian New Year’s day, on January 14. Like our belated Christmas, it is a consequence of the Serbian Orthodox Church’s continued adherence to the old Julian calendar, which lags 13 days behind the predominantly used Gregorian calendar. Unlike Christmas, Serbian New Year’s eve is a very raucous affair and a … Continue reading Serbian New Year: the perfect time to start appreciating Turbofolk

Pokretači 1.16 ARTEZ

ARTEZ iliti Andrej Žikić se bavi uličnom umetnošću od 2003. Sada njegovi nadrealni murali krase zidove širom sveta: od Urugvaja do Finske, i od Indije do Brazila. Andrej je podelio svoj fascinantan transkontinentalni put od 14. Beogradske gimnazije, preko Arhitektonskog Fakulteta do učešća na svetskim StreetArt festivalima. Beleške Behance profil Sanje Milanov StreetSmart Belgrade Andrejev profil o nomadskom životu Street art umetnici: ARYZ Vhils Theic … Continue reading Pokretači 1.16 ARTEZ

Druga strana svega (2017)

Uprkos nagradi za najbolji dugometražni film na IDFA, dobrom prijemu na Filmskom Festivalu u Torontu i skoro jednoglasnom obožavanju u anti-nacionalističkom, pro-demokratskom delu srpske javnosti “Druga strana svega” Mile Turajlić, ne uspeva da stvori koherentnu priču, niti da dovoljno istražuje mnoga zanimljiva pitanja koja postavlja, pa na momente deluje kao vema dobro producirana montaža porodičnih videa i arhivskog materijala Razlog za to je najmanje što … Continue reading Druga strana svega (2017)

Pokretači 1.6. Igor Simić / Demagog Studio

Pokretači je podcast koji se bavi preduzetništvom i zanimljivim karijerama u Srbiji i regionu.  Gost je Igor Simić: umetnik, pisac i dizajner video igara, alumnus Columbia University-a. Pričali smo o tome kako je baviti se umetnošću na svetskom nivou a živeti u Beogradu, da li su video igre budućnost umetnosti i kako slušati dobronamerne savete. Ovih 35 minuta nisu bili dovoljni da pričamo o svim … Continue reading Pokretači 1.6. Igor Simić / Demagog Studio

Top 7 songs of 2017 (so far)

Whenever September is knocking on the door, it is the beginning of the end of the year, which means the beginning of end of year listicles. I mean, I am sure there is Christmas decoration being sold in some supermarket somewhere in the US or England. The summer for me was marked by going to Primavera Sound in Barcelona for the first time and the … Continue reading Top 7 songs of 2017 (so far)

Guča: Serbia’s Dionysian spectacle of trumpets, cabbage and beer

Originally conceived as a festival to promote the fledgling institution of a brass band 1961, Guča Trumpet Festival (aka Dragačevo Fair) evolved in the past two decades into one of the most popular festivals in Serbia and a somewhat divisive cultural institution. For all but the musical purists, Guča is much much more than an ethno-music festival. Although the festival is devoted to preserving this … Continue reading Guča: Serbia’s Dionysian spectacle of trumpets, cabbage and beer

All the shit places

Why are we fetishising the same crap all around the world? While we were sitting in a stylishly decaying café in Santa Teresa in Rio, watching the local “creatives” go about their Saturday the way “creatives” anywhere else in the world do, my mother had a hissy fit. “Why do you always take us to these crap places? Why are you afraid of going somewhere nice … Continue reading All the shit places

Hidden Belgrade (2): Legacy of Petar Lubarda in Dedinje

This year marks 110 years since the birth of Petar Lubarda, one of the most accomplished Yugoslav artists. Lubarda’s colourful, raw works, reminiscent of the barren and dramatic landscapes of his native Montenegro, achieved international recognition during the 1950s and 60s. His career peaked when he beat Picasso and Dali for a Grand Prix at Sao Paolo Art Biennial in 1953. A stone’s throw away … Continue reading Hidden Belgrade (2): Legacy of Petar Lubarda in Dedinje

Belgrade in 7 songs

7 songs that capture the capital’s undoubtable, but even changing swag in the past 50 years 1963: Beograde – Đorđe Marjanović Đorđe Marjanović was the first post-war pop sensation. A trained pharmacist, he was the first Yugoslav star to gyrate around the stage and have a cult following by Đokisti, as his fans were called. Đokisti even started a minor riot in Belgrade after a … Continue reading Belgrade in 7 songs

Perfect Illusion: Gaga’s take on Obama Legacy

With hours to go until Obama gives his leaving address in Chicago, it would be prudent to pay attention to Lady Gaga’s most recent hit, “Perfect Illusion”,as it deals with the questions of Obama’s legacy in a very veiled way. I decided to lift the veil and observe Gaga’s well placed criticism. It should be noted that Gaga’s career followed a similar trajectory to Obama’s. … Continue reading Perfect Illusion: Gaga’s take on Obama Legacy

How to change your life and achieve your dreams: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the best show of 2016

These days we believe that following our hearts is a choice to be celebrated. We share inspirational quotes about “just-going-for-it”, try to make ourselves happier and wiser by changing towns, and share how #blessed we are with family, friends, or, often enough, photogenic avos-on-toast. In our pursuit for meaning and happiness we take cues from TV shows and films in assessing what to wear, if … Continue reading How to change your life and achieve your dreams: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the best show of 2016

Srećna vam srećna Nova Godina: Top lista novogodišnjih pesama iz Peak-Pink ere

(photo: Gorana Trbić, @the_bastard_camels) Svaka nova godina od Dejtona do 5. oktobra je bila obeležena Pinkovom novogodišnjom čestitkom. Kao i Pink, i one su se nastavile posle Miloševićevog odlaska, ali nikad nisu dosegle popularnost i kvalitet peak-Pink ere, koja se desila tokom poznog Miloševićevog režima. Za moju generaciju one su ono što su verovatno bili pionirski rituali za SFRJ generacije: kičasti potsetnici na detinjstvo. RTV … Continue reading Srećna vam srećna Nova Godina: Top lista novogodišnjih pesama iz Peak-Pink ere

The Mountain Goats: Soundtrack for Shit Times

If there is a definition of a crap time of year it would be November, more precisely late November, cold and grey, when you start with looking over what you’ve done (and not done) last year and existential despair starts sinking in. And if there was a definition of the crap time of the week, it would be Sunday afternoon, when you’ve already celebrated the … Continue reading The Mountain Goats: Soundtrack for Shit Times

High-rise (2015)

Very on-trend with recent nihlistic entertainment (Game of Thrones, House of Cards) where there are zero characters to sympathise with, High-Rise is vertiginous film about a very dire fact that is becoming apparent more and more these days: that high-minded efforts to create equality for the past century seem to have either been a veneer (in Western democracies) or a catastrophe (in communism). The film, … Continue reading High-rise (2015)

Welcome to me (2015)

It is no news that in our age it is rather cheap and easy to be self-obsessed: we broadcast the daily minutiae on Twitter, show the flitered snaps of our coffees, travels and faces on Instagram, and dump blogs on arts, politics and travel on unsuspecting audiences. Although it is probably since times immemorial that people searched for their identities and meaning by scoruing through … Continue reading Welcome to me (2015)

Youth/ La Giovinezza (2015)

Paolo Sorrentino returns to shining a light on the poor rich souls dangling precariously from the top of Maslow’s Pyramid; chronicling the beautiful paradox of questioning, from the top of the greasy pole of worldly success and talent, if this is truly all there is to life and, more importantly, if it is enough to keep you going. While La Grande Bellezza seductively examined lingering … Continue reading Youth/ La Giovinezza (2015)

A primer in lostness: Into the woods

For those of us who feel a bit strange wandering through the thicket of life (especially post-uni, pre-fully-adult), and occasionally (melodramatically, egoistically?) despairing about the choices (made, possible, or impossible), Into the woods, brings our woes to the big screen, by way of fairytales, set to a lovely Sondheim score. Inspired by a psychoanalytical readings of fairytales, it premiered as a stage musical in 1986 in … Continue reading A primer in lostness: Into the woods