Sećanja Gojka Garčevića na II zasedanje AVNOJa u Jajcu

Ovu priču o putovanju između Kolašina i Jajca na drugo zasedanje AVNOJa 1943. kao i utiske sa samog zasedanja, zapisao je moj deda, Gojko Simata Garčević, koji je bio jedan od delegata koji su tamo predstavljali Narodno Oslobodilačko veće Crne Gore i Boke. Moj deda je rođen u Nikšiću, 1902 godine u trgovačkoj porodici, a umro je u Beogradu 1967. Pre rata, on je studirao … Continue reading Sećanja Gojka Garčevića na II zasedanje AVNOJa u Jajcu

Sarma, Testicles and Kid-roasts: Rural Serbia’s Real Foodies

The global foodie trend made urbanites in Serbia more conscious about their consumption, and even inspired some of them to try their hand at making healthier, or at least, tastier food. In Belgrade, there are now numerous events devoted to producers of anything from Serbian truffles to Serbian tabasco. Although there are some misfires, Belgrade’s Cheese festival, Night Market and Wine Jam constantly deliver a … Continue reading Sarma, Testicles and Kid-roasts: Rural Serbia’s Real Foodies

Start-ups in Serbia: Going Against the Gloom

Serbian entrepreneurs face more than economic and administrative challenges when launching new businesses Trying to make it on your own is nerve-wracking even in the most orderly of countries, but all the start-up Kool-Aid that Silicon Valley serves up nowadays is only slowly seeping into the Serbian water supply. This, of course, is primarily a result of real economic constraints, where few have sufficient capital … Continue reading Start-ups in Serbia: Going Against the Gloom

Pornografija hejta

Poslednjih par meseci sam primetio da sam razvio prilično sramnu i zabrinjavajuću internet-naviku. Iako već 18 godina moj “History” je veoma daleko od čistog, moj nova aktivnost, u kojoj uživam skoro svakog jutra i večeri, me posobno postiđuje i frustrira. Nažalost, ovde ne pričam o nekom sočnom fetišu, već o satima glupo provedenim češljajući Tviter, tražeći stvari koje će da me razuljute, tvitove koje će … Continue reading Pornografija hejta

Serbian elites’ long war on clarity

Although it is 170 years since a simplified Serbian language became the norm, Serbian elites still prefer muddying the rhetorical waters  In 1847, after three decades of struggle, Vuk Karadžić and his allies, Petar Petrović Njegoš, Branko Radičević and Đura Daničić, decisively won the battle for the standardisation of Serbian folk language and its literary use. Their victory was achieved by proving that the language … Continue reading Serbian elites’ long war on clarity

Best day trips from Belgrade

When I moved back to Serbia I decided to make the best use of my free time and actually get to know the country. Thankfully, as I have a few friends with some spare time we teamed up in an for day-trips and managed to see some great scenery, learn some history, eat great food and just have fun. We focused on places that are … Continue reading Best day trips from Belgrade

Ana Brnabić: the least bad news for Serbia

Appointment of a competent pro-Western openly gay female PM is a good thing, even though Serbia’s democracy is sliding back Today, after a long unwarranted delay Serbia’s president/PM Aleksandar Vučić decided to appoint Ana Brnabić as his successor who is to from the new Serbian government. This function will be almost ceremonial, as Vučić clearly showed intention to keep all the reigns in his hands. … Continue reading Ana Brnabić: the least bad news for Serbia

Mladic: So long

Today the world, or at least the part that cares more about the Balkans and/or human rights than about Cheryl Cole’s downfall, was stunned by the capture of Ratko Mladic (alias: Milorad Komadic) near Zrenjanin in northern Serbia, first reported by the Croatian press.  The news made many happy, relieved or vindicated, as a man responsible for brutal killing of over 8000 men and boys in Srebrenica … Continue reading Mladic: So long